How do we move?

Hello and welcome to the first article I’m publishing on E.M. I’m very excited to begin this little project with you all. For today, I want to help you find out how do our heavy and our ever-so-complicated-bodies, move? First of all…

what are the basics???

  • Bones are modelled to their precise forms after birth. Since they aren’t yet in their most solid forms (at that moment they are still spongy) it’s actually muscle contractions that pull here and there….creating edges, curves and pointy parts!
  • Putting a skeleton together is very difficult; the «blocks» can’t hold in place AND fight gravity on their own. For a craft project you’d use glue, but what if you wanted those «blocks» to move…at least a little bit?
    • Ligaments : a «wire» between each joint that holds the structures together when all else fails.
    • Muscle : permits you to move and control this machine we call a skeleton. They can adapt to many conditions and many stressfull events.
    • Tendons : stronger and sturdier form of muscle. I find them to be often confused with muscles. Think of tendons and muscles in this way :

Imagine looking at a tall tree during stormy weather.

Tendons are the trunk; the stronger and thinker part.

Muscles are the branches; less condensed and more adaptable.

It’s very difficult to keep this short and sweet, there is so much I wish to share with you. I will go deeper into injury and rehabilitation in the following blogs.

Please feel free to come back to this page as a reference, or even better please email me if ever you have a specific question!

All the best,

Ariel and SweetPea