More than half of my life I have been involved with horses on a daily basis; to competing… from friendly ground playing in my backyard; from classical dressage… to western reining; from being coached by high level trainers to teaching others and supporting my mother in her first event. As many other equestrian athletes, I have had many good memories with horses.

But then your back begins to hurt,

and then you hips burn, your neck aches and let’s not even start with your knees!

This website allows me to share, explain and articulate what science has to say about humans facing daily and chronic aches and pains.

Thanks to my past and continued studies in health sciences and physical rehab I can help debunk the most novel approaches to clinical conditions.

Here’s my engagement : I read what I enjoy and I share it. 

There’s no fluff here, just clear statements of what we do and don’t know.

I hope you enjoy what you find, and please share it with anyone you feel may relate to this as well!

Ariel and SweetPea


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